vicious like the tide

by Boy in the Water

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an album of tiny songs :o)


released March 24, 2019

clara lorant s on viola, voice, and guitar on all tracks
brad roelandt on shaker in like the tide




Boy in the Water Los Angeles, California

los angeles


it's for fun

singer-songwriter, guitarist and violist

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Track Name: Tell Old Pharaoh
oh tell old, old pharaoh
Track Name: It Took Awhile
it took awhile for me
to stand up, i used the railing
like a child, seventeen

vicious like the tide
you pull us down with you
where nothing's good or new
vicious point of view
Track Name: Call Me Names
call me names and forget i said
anything to inflate your head
vicious like the tide
Track Name: If You Couldn't
and if you couldn't, i couldn't
but you are confident still
two parts of something concurrent
they pillow talk in the well
i sweep the crumbs in a hurry
and honey, i love you so well, so well
Track Name: Go Go Go
go go go you're gone
no need to see you home
what's the thing you want
foil with the golden tone
foil with the golden tongue
go home and sleep alone

what does it mean to sleep
in a room you call your own
no curtain to cut the light
and the blanket feels like stone
the money's always tight
the things i whispered home
will reach your ears tonight
go go go you're gone
Track Name: Leave Me Alone
you're when the pen bleeds out and i can't rub you out
you call me names that i just learned about
i was doing fine keeping on the silent side
i was doing fine keeping myself quiet

now these things that you're writing i can't understand
written in a backhand prose and a red pen
leave me alone
Track Name: If You Could
if you could come
downstairs to help me out
i wanted to change
i couldn't do it, i tried
Track Name: All This Energy
all this pent up fight i didn't use
spilling from my rib into my shoes
anything to inflate your head
Track Name: Like The Wind
it's vague like the wind
and it lingers like a friend
a sleeper in my bed

and you are still somewhere
a threat as vague as nature
are you hurting her
Track Name: Like The Tide
i'm attuned to the name you curse
i held on to the banister
they won't talk to you
like you want them to
they won't talk to you

(vicious like the tide)
Track Name: I've No Salt
i've no salt
i'm not dry
i'm a lie, i'm a pretty lie
fare thee well

i have bathed a degree too high
i'm a lie, i'm a pretty lie
fare thee well
Track Name: Eli, Eli (traditional)
my god, my god
i pray that these things never cease
the sand and the sea
the rustle of water
the lightening from heaven
the prayer of man

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